The Healing Daughter
Maternal Narcissism Course


Ruth Cale
Mother Wound Coach

Date & Time

The course is self-paced and can be done at your own time to process and digest information.


The course will be held in the Teachable platform. You will have access to pre-recorded lectures and worksheets to work on your healing.

In this course:

  1. Understand how your mother’s narcissism has affected you so you can heal.
  2. Learn why your mother is the way she is so that you can free yourself from her grasp.
  3. Learn to detach yourself from your mother so that you can focus on yourself.
  4. Learn about the traits and behaviors associated with maternal narcissism.
  5. Understand why you have certain ways of coping and what to do about them.

Free yourself from your mother's narcissism and heal! Learn how maternal narcissism has affected you and what to do about it. What will be covered:

  1. What is maternal narcissism?
  2. Why is your mother the way she is?
  3. Will your mother ever change?
  4. The narcissism and shame spectrum.
  5. Symptoms you’ve experienced maternal narcissism.
  6. How your mother can make you sick?
  7. How you feel having a narcissistic mother?
  8. How to deal with gaslighting?
  9. What does maternal narcissism look like in the relationship with your mother?
  10. What are the two types of narcissistic mothers?
  11. What is the narcissistic family and how does it function?
  12. How are brothers and sisters treated differently?
  13. What are the family roles in a narcissistic family?
  14. How has your mother’s narcissism affected your relationships, friendships, work, and self-worth.


  1. What is considered childhood abuse? class- $27
  2. Managing Repressed Emotions Guide – $17
  3. Access to Slack chat to ask questions, connect with a community and develop friendships – (priceless)