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If you're the daughter of narcissistic mother and want to stop feeling like you need to be fixed, break the cycle and stop being triggered, join now!

5 Step Roadmap to Healing the Narcissistic Mother Wound:


Nervous System Mastery

We’re aiming to balance those triggers, ease anxiety, and equip you with tools for a steadier emotional ship. By the end of this step, you’ll have self-regulation skills and a clearer understanding of what sets you off emotionally.


Decoding Maternal Narcissism

This is where we dive into understanding your mother’s actions and the impact of her narcissism. It’s about gaining insights that will pave the way for your healing journey. By the end of this step, you’ll have a solid grasp on how your mother’s behavior has shaped you.


Embracing Grief & Acceptance

This step is about letting go of the pain and loss you’ve carried due to your mother’s narcissism. We’re aiming for a detachment from that enmeshment and a space for your own identity to flourish. By the end of this step, you’ll find yourself more in tune with your emotions and better equipped to handle them.


Independence & Self-Reconstruction

Here, we’re rebuilding your beliefs and reworking those ingrained patterns that have been holding you back. It’s about finding your own voice and reclaiming your independence. By the end of this step, you’ll be standing stronger in your beliefs and stepping into a more empowered version of yourself.


Cultivating Inner Nurturance

In this final step, it’s all about nurturing yourself. We’re focusing on self-care, boundaries, and defining your relationship with your mother on your own terms. By the end of this step, you’ll have embraced your personal power and carved out a future that truly resonates with you.

How can I aid in your healing?

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Work with Ruth

  • Join an exclusive community made for daughters of narcissistic mothers who are done making it about their mothers. Are you ready to choose you?
  • The narcissistic mother wound is the unworthiness wound that affects every facet of your life from relationships, career, business, and mothering. 
  • If this wound isn’t acknowledged and healed your symptoms will only worsen. If you’re ready to take the step and choose you for once, then Join The Healing Daughters Cohort for $20/month. *One time $300 setup fee
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A variety of free resources and articles that I write to help daughters heal from narcissistic mothers.

Happy Clients

The Healing Daughter is an amazing community to be a part of! Don’t take my word for it, check out what others are saying!

I had been no contact with my mother for over a year before joining THDP, but I was still experiencing shame, fear, and isolation in my everyday life. Problem solving and self regulating when my mother would attempt contact was particularly difficult. I have been in therapy for a few years which has been incredibly helpful overall for my mental health, but I felt what was missing in my life was a community who shares similar family background and struggles. Before joining THDP and working with Ruth, I still frequently questioned my reality and felt like my friends wouldn’t truly understand so I had nowhere to share authentically. Recognizing how the patterns of abuse and triggers from my family repeat themselves in my life and hold me back was really powerful. I recently gained the courage to decide to leave a toxic job to start my own business doing what I love. I never would have had the self awareness and courage to even consider that option before THDP. Now I am confident with setting boundaries and tapping in to my needs instead of acting out of obligation to others. Ruth and the group of daughters in THDP are some of the most compassionate and supportive people I have ever met. We vent, problem solve together, dive deep into learning about and healing our trauma, do somatic work and self soothing exercises, and even share our wins so that we can celebrate each other. It feels like a group of daughters walking alongside you on your journey rather than preaching about where you should get to. I am so grateful for this community. I know that the journey of healing never truly ends, but I actually feel like I’m in control now and I love having the support system to lift me up when I need it.
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Anonymous per client's wishes
First of all, thank you the work you do for The Healing Daughter community. Stumbling on your page was a divine appointment. Thank you for everything we see you do and for the things you do behind the scenes for this community. Your page and this community has been a vital part in my healing journey. I’ve never felt so seen, validated and heard. The amount of support, kindness, gentleness and love in this community is overwhelming. It’s been an honor to hear others share their stories as I share mine for the first time. Your content and the daughter’s stories have modeled how to set boundaries and made me brave enough to stand in my truth and believe in myself. The Healing Daughter Community is such a safe place to ask questions, vent, connect with other daughters and encourage one another. It’s what my heart needed in this season. Beyond grateful 💜
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My main problem was my relationship with my mother and the effects it was having on all areas of my life. I was struggling with low self-esteem, poor boundaries, and bouts of painful depression and anxiety. I found I still used alcohol to alleviate difficult feelings, and hadn’t completely mastered how to self-soothe and regulate. I’ve tried everything from talking therapy, 12 step groups, CBT, and holistic therapy. Although this all helped me with greater self-awareness, it really didn’t address my relationship with my mum. I found I kept returning to self-destructive patterns, and really struggling to keep boundaries in place because I hadn’t addressed this core wound. My biggest aha moment was when I started to see who my mum actually is rather than who I want her to be. I also started to realise that the only person who can advocate for me is me and the only person who can advocate for my healing is me. It’s really sunk in that I’m the one who is responsible for my healing and no-one else and as a result, I’ve find I’ve been able to transform the relationship I have with myself! I think the first part is really getting to understand how your nervous system has been impacted by chronic stress caused by hyper vigilance from your childhood as well as unprocessed trauma. And then beginning to really understand what you childhood actually was like, and what your relationship was like when you were a child into young adult. Having the group is a huge eye opener because you can validate and support each other, when we have been taught to second guess ourselves constantly. This work has really changed something in me at the core. I really have started to understand where some habits and patterns come from, but most importantly I’ve felt like I been able to transform the relationship I have with myself. The most important relationship of all!
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