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Welcome, I'm Ruth!

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist & Maternal Narcissism Educator

Hi I’m Ruth!


Discovering maternal narcissism brought relief. Growing up, I often felt defective, but understanding maternal narcissism reassured me that I wasn’t inherently flawed.


Over the past four years of my healing journey, I’ve dedicated my time and effort to learning as much as possible about maternal narcissism.


I am certified in WIEBGE training to help daughters heal from maternal narcissism. If we work together, we go through a 5 step process:

  1. Understanding maternal narcissism and how it affected you and your relationships.
  2. Acceptance and grieving. Facing the reality of the childhood you didn’t have and the mother you didn’t get. 
  3. Separating from your mother psychologically so that you are separate person apart from her.
  4. Finding your true identity. You will learn what your values are as well as likes and dislikes.
  5. Ending the narcissistic legacy so that you don’t pass down this generational cancer.

Trainings and Certifications:

  • Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers Virtual Workshop
  • Training Trauma-Informed Care: Impact of Trauma on Children (Birth to Five) Certified
  • Clinical Trauma Specialist – Arizona Trauma Institute
  • Advanced Developmental Psychology
  • Somatic and Nervous System Coach – Neurofit App – (In progress)
  • Advanced Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Arizona Trauma Institute (In progress)
  • My personal journey has given me insight into healing the narcissistic mother wound.
  • I am not a therapist or mental health professional. I’ve healed outside of therapy and I believe other daughters can do the same in a safe and validating space.



Let me help you

This is only the beginning. The journey begins now! 

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The Healing Daughters Cohort

  • Learn to have control over your body and mind to help you identify and manage your triggers so you don’t feel powerless.
  • Overcome the shame in a space that validates and understands maternal narcissism and its effects.
  • Find inner Peace in body and mind to help you become emotionally detached from your mother and focus on yourself.
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Head over to my YouTube Channel. We empower daughters who have experienced maternal narcissism with practical tools and guidance to heal and move forward. Our videos cover understanding narcissistic behavior, setting healthy boundaries, cultivating self-love, and building resilience. Join our community and take back control of your life.

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Blog & Resources

A variety of free resources and articles that I write to help daughters heal from narcissistic mothers.